Friday, December 21, 2012

Word of the day: season

Season: (n) a recurrent period characterized by certain occurrences or festivities.


It's that time of year again, peoples! I'm pretty sure it was just this time of year like 8 or 9 weeks ago, but maybe that's just my wallet protesting. Who knows.

Anyway, 'tis the season to battle hoards of eager shoppers for that perfect gift, or to burn up the interwebs ordering things you just know a certain person has to have, or to wait until 9:45 p.m. on Christmas Eve and raid the living daylights out of your local Walgreens. (Not that I have ever done this, of course. Not me.)

Or, like most parents of elementary school children, you can sit back in your comfy recliner or on your couch or your Harley Davidson and let the gifts come to you. My middle school boys aren't bringing home trinkets anymore, much to my dismay, but kids under the fifth-grade age generally come home on that last half-day before Christmas break laden with a plethora of handmade goodies. My sweet daughter brought me and her dad a snow globe made by her own hands complete with a little Christmas tree and a gold-wrapped present inside of it, along with several pieces of candy and a sweet card.

[As a complete aside to the Christmas theme of this blog, my daughter went to a birthday party a few weeks ago and she was kind enough to save me a piece of candy she received at the birthday girl's house. She really wanted me to eat the candy but I was doing the dishes at that moment, so I asked her to put it in my mouth for me. This sweet, generous girl intently watched me taste the candy, then asked me if it was good, so of course I said yes, and she let out a big sigh and said, "Oh, good. My friend found it on the floor at school so I wasn't sure if it would be good or not." OMG. BARF.]

Not to diminish the joy of any gifts or cards I have received or will receive from my other offspring, but there is one particular item this year that really holds a special place in my heart. My youngest son, who you may by now have gleaned is a mischievous, full-of-life little fellow, wrote my husband and I a note that was to be his resolution to us for the next year. I was cleaning out his backpack when I found it, and I thank God and my lucky stars that I didn't accidentally throw it out during one of my thrice-yearly backpack cleanings. Yeah...I'm THAT parent. I rarely ever clean out their backpacks. Oh well.

The note reads as follows (J would be my second oldest son, and D is the note writer himself) :

"Dear Mom and Dad, this year I promise to be nice to my sister, to toot on you, to kick J in the stomach. Love, D."

As my husband said after reading the note, at least he'll be nice to his sister. As for the rest of us, it's all kicks and toots for 2013.

I may write again before Christmas, but on the off chance that I don't, I hope all six of you that actually read this blog have a warm, safe, and incredibly blessed holiday with your families and animals and churchfolk and with whomever else you may be celebrating. Much love to you all, from the bottom of my heart, for even taking the time to read my words.


  1. I am proud to be 1/6 of your readership. I love you and your kooky family!

    1. Yay! I'm glad you're one sixth of my readership, too. Love you right back, girly.

  2. I sure hope I'm part of that 6. Love youtoo!

    1. Of course you're a part of that six! I love hearing what you have to say in response to my blogs because you always seem to genuinely enjoy reading them. Love you bunches!