Monday, October 24, 2011

Word of the day: cozen

Cozen: (v) to obtain by deceit or persuasion.

I got a bill in the mail today.

That's not unusual. That seems to be all I get in the mail, but whatever.

This bill confused me, because it was from my kids' dentist, and as far as I could remember, none of them had been to the dentist recently. So why was I getting a bill?

Once I opened it, I read that they were charging me $50 for a broken appointment. An appointment that they never confirmed with me.

Upon further investigation, I discovered that they DID, in fact, confirm this appointment. Only they confirmed it with my 11-year-old son, and we all know how reliable 11-year-old boys are about remembering to tell their parents important information in a timely manner.

("Oh yeah, I was supposed to tell you that you have to make 24 cupcakes for school tomorrow" [8:15pm]) ("Oh yeah, I was supposed to tell you that the dog puked on the carpet a week and a half ago and I just hid it with my shirt so no one would step in it") ("Oh yeah, I was supposed to tell you that you owe $12 million dollars to school lunch because I've been buying extras that I wasn't supposed to buy") ("Oh yeah, I was supposed to tell you that Dad exploded and the house caught on fire all around me and fireworks shot out of the cars but I was too busy playing video games on my DS to remember")

Because let's be honest, notifying an 11-year-old about his sister's dentist appointment and then expecting him to actually tell his parents BEFORE the appointment is about as effective as flossing your teeth with a church steeple.


I am sincerely hoping that this wonderful dentist's office removes this charge because, quite frankly, they ARE a wonderful dentist's office. But $50? When you confirmed with a child? I don't freaking think so. I am not working overtime to pay that bill to a dentist who lives in a 15,000 square foot house.

That is all.

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  1. Hahaha. If I ever get down on my luck again, I'm coming to your house. With a camera crew. That is all.


    PS: I must know - did they tear up the bill???