Saturday, July 2, 2011

Word of the day: chew

Chew: (v) to make a crushing and grinding motion with the teeth.

Here's the scene: the floor of my house, which seems to be perpetually littered with the usual flotsam of a six person family...Legos, stuffed animals, stray pieces of clothing (both dirty and clean), toys, pencils, pens, books, crumbs of food and even the occasional completely in tact tater tot or cookie, packing peanuts, etc. I compiled this list by sitting here at the computer and looking around at what was on the floor, adding each item to the list until I was too ashamed to continue. Sigh. Anyways, we usually do a mad cleaning on the weekends to remove all of these things so that all of the aforementioned items can visit their rightful homes before dispelling themselves all over the house by about 10 a.m. on Monday morning. We just kind of deal with it because we'd make ourselves stupid trying to keep the house spotless all the time, particularly while the kids are out of school on summer break.

Well, we just added a new member to the family, and she has made us incredibly aware of just how many little things are strewn about on the floor of our house. Her name is Rosie, and she is a 3-year-old, approximately 14 pound Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix that we adopted from a dog adoption fair this past Saturday. We had no intentions of acquiring another animal, confined as we already are to a somewhat small space for the size of our family. We even played with her, talked about her, and were able to walk away from the dog adoption without her. We took a detour at Baskin Robbins for some much needed mint chocolate chip ice cream, and while we were there my big softie of a husband looked at me and said, "You know, the adoption fee is only $65." That was all it took...we snatched up the two kids that were with us and bolted back to the dog adoption fair as quickly as their little legs would go. This time we left WITH Rosie.

I'm not a dog person, but this one got me. She is a darling. She fit right in to our family like she's been here her whole life and despite having an unnatural affection for our dog Jack's head, she has been a joy to have. That being said...she has also shown me where my deficits lie as they pertain to housekeeping. She chews up anything and everything she can get her little paws on and she's a fast little sucker so catching her when she's got something she shouldn't have is quite the challenge. She has found things under the kids' beds that I didn't even know existed, let alone were in my house. So, I should stop writing now and get going on the cleaning process so we can eliminate some of her newfound chew toys.

But...I probably won't. I know myself too well to lie about it. I'll probably just sit around and drink coffee and be lazy with my family on this very hot, nicely extended holiday weekend. I hope you all have a great 4th of July!

P.S. The picture above is not actually Rosie. She hasn't discovered the toilet paper...yet.

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  1. Oh, pets are such a ridiculous whirlwind of fun and nonsense. Madden, my one-year-old toy poodle/miniature dachshund/jack russell terrier mix (yeah, she's weird. And is eight pounds of hyper) builds nests. Anything and everything she can find, she pulls under my bed and builds a nest with it - dog toys, underwear that she steals from the bathroom when I disrobe for a shower, paper towels that she shreds up, and she has even now raided the trash and found condom wrappers. Oh man. All in a pile. All under my bed.

    That being said, this dog is the love of my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. lol