Saturday, June 18, 2011

Word of the day: content

Content: (adj.) desiring no more than what one has; satisfied.  

I had a text discussion today with my dear friend Leah, mainly about how not cool our weekends have become since we are almost all grown up now. She does not have children, but her weekends are pretty much equally as uncool as mine. My Saturday consisted of 12 loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, a nap in my cozy recliner at midday when I was utterly unable to stay awake any longer, and two trips to the grocery store. Her Saturday consisted of painting her grandfather's house. As we phrased it, we're not exactly driving the cool bus anymore, as our bedtime now is way closer to the time when we used to start getting ready to go out 12 or 13 years ago. 

So I'm not cool anymore. So what. One of the things that made my day today was having my oldest boy ask me excitedly if he could read back through all of my blog entries, and then listening to him laugh hysterically as he read them all. Sometimes he would read them back to me so I could hear the "funny parts", as if he really doesn't realize that I actually write them. The fact that he finds them so funny is astounding to me, but knowing that he does is incredibly precious.

Another thing that made my day was getting to sit out on the driveway at dusk with my husband, drinking a couple beers, seeing the stars come out and watching the lightning bugs flit around all blinking and stuff, while our kids had a beatbox battle. Seriously. We laughed our you-know-whats off listening to them. Our youngest son is actually really good at beatboxing....go figure. Who even knows how he learned to do that?

So I don't go cruise downtown with my friends anymore, and I don't have a bunch of people over to play board games anymore (alright, so maybe we weren't playing board games. But seeing as how my son reads this, WE WERE PLAYING BOARD GAMES). You know what? I got to listen to a four-year-old beatbox his little heart out, and pop wheelies on his bike and make skid marks on the driveway with his back tire after he figured out how to "drift". I got to watch my neighbor kids trying to teach my kids how to climb trees while their mother and I quietly laughed at their monkey-ness and talked about how broke we are. I got to drink beer with my husband, who doesn't care that my belly is slightly more gelatinous than it used to be and that I eat ice cream at night despite the whole jiggly belly thing. I got to swear like a sailor when I encountered a spider in a pair of pants that I was putting in the washing machine, and then immediately had to look around to make sure I wasn't teaching my kids any new words they didn't already know from their dad.

I will happily captain whatever uncool vehicle it is that us uncool people life now is too good to lament the life I used to have. Just please don't let that vehicle be a minivan.

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