Saturday, May 7, 2011

Word of the day: humor

Humor: (n) the quality that makes something laughable or amusing; funniness.

Last night was one of those nights. I was exhausted from a crazy week, and the kids were exorbitantly energetic and loud, and I was not exhibiting the level of patience that my kids deserve. I was very much on edge and despite trying my best to be The Good Mommy, I'm afraid I was very much The Scary Mommy. My kids know who she is, and they either play it safe and try not to egg her on, or they completely lose every iota of sense their father and I gave them and they push Scary Mommy's buttons as much as humanly possible.

Please allow me to make excuses for my behavior by laying out my weekly schedule:

5 a.m. - wake up for work
4:15 p.m. - get home from work
5 p.m. - hubby leaves for work
5 p.m. - 9 p.m. - a messy, uncoordinated conglomerate of dishing out snacks; overseeing homework for the three older kids; making dinner; doing the dishes; feeding the kids dinner; supervising outdoor playtime for the two little ones; making sure all the kids have a bath/shower; making sure all the kids have actually put on pajamas (I have a few that are guilty of wrapping a blanket around their naked little selves rather than putting forth all of the effort it takes to put on pajamas); making sure all of the kids have brushed their teeth and not just squeezed entire tubes of toothpaste on every bathroom surface imaginable; and finally, at long last, trying to get all of the kids in the bed and settled down after I have been awake for 16 hours and have virtually no patience left for this kind of task.

Please forgive me for complaining. I know everyone has their own busy lives, and mine is no different. Also, to be fair, my husband is incredible about keeping up the laundry and housework since he's home through the day. It's just that by Friday evening, I am completely and utterly worn out. So last night during bath time, when my youngest son knew he had pushed me about as far as he could, he did something that made up for it all. It's not going to be some warm, fuzzy, sweet thing you might have in mind, but it made me laugh out loud and melted my heart because it was so inherently him.

He had just let the bathtub fill up with ice cold water and then yelled for me to come fix it. I was gritting my teeth and mumbling under my breath while draining the bathtub, thinking about the water bill and how bath time was going to take just that much longer now. He stood in the tub while I refilled it with warm water and eyeballed me with those big blue eyes of his, silently conveying his apology to me, and then he took little bitty steps towards me until he came to rest most of his little body against me. He then quietly announced, "Mommy, I just pooted on you."

Any sane person might be horrified by this, but I got the biggest laugh out of it, and realized that these are the moments that bring much-needed humor into what could be a very stressful life. This morning he woke me up by running up to my side of the bed and shrieking, "Do you SEE this snot bubble coming out of my nose?!" with all the excitement that only a 4-year-old could have about a snot bubble coming out of his nose. I love these kids beyond reason and no matter how tired and out of patience I am, the humor they bring to my life is priceless, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.


  1. Love this. The word "poot" always makes me giggle!

  2. Being "pooted" on will not be as funny when he is 16 years old!

  3. Haahahahah. Being pooted on when your child is 33 is back to being funny - just ask my mama! :-D

    Keep onnnnn writing, lovey. It makes my day!!!!

  4. too cute! it always amazes me the power my kids have to bring about change...