Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Word of the day: tigar

Tigar: (fictitious n.) - the fifth-grade version of a tiger.

At this particular moment, I can't type very well without causing myself quite a bit of pain, seeing as how I've got my thumb and hand all wrapped up in an Ace bandage in hopes that it will begin healing the tendonitis my doctor tells me I have in my thumb. However, my oldest fifth-grade son brought home a story he wrote in school today, and I just want to share it here. I have two sons in fifth grade, so it's important to distinguish between the oldest one and the youngest one...and no, they're not twins. Anyway, I think he might just have a touch of the same writing bug that his mama has. So, this one's for Brandon, as are any spelling or grammatical mistakes that might occur, because I'm copying the story exactly as he penned it.

My Field Trip

     I'm on the bus home. I'm one of the lucky kids, that didn't get hurt. I should explain, sorry. Here we are at the zoo. Suddenly all chaos broke out. A monkey got out and took the keys to the tigar's cage. The tigar attacked a couple of kids but mainly stayed calm. I was eating my snack at the time. A banana. I suddenly had monkeys all over me. I screamed for help.
     One of the guards came over with a tranquilizer rifle. A different guard tried to shoot a tigar but hit the guard trying to save my life. I threw the banana and ran. I picked up the tranqualizer rifle and ran. A couple kids got hurt, so a bunch of kids with tranqualizer guns grouped around those kids and protected them to the bus.
     Then we started to get kids to evacuate. Then guards with sleep grenades came and gave us gas masks, then a sleep grenade. Now all the animals are safely back in their cages. I got to keep the tranqualizer gun as a token of my bravery. Oh, I'm home. "Mom! Mom! I got a sleep gun!" "Really?" she said. "Yeah, yeah! Look!" I said. I showed her the rifle. She looked surprised. "Oh, wow. Would you look at that." Just then my dad got home. I showed him the rifle and explained everything. They said I could keep it and only use it for emergancies. Now I am staring at it in awe and facination. I'm thinking about painting it black. Bye-bye, have a nice day! : )

                                                         T h e

I hope you enjoyed his story. This child sits and reads my blog faithfully (whenever the heck I actually post, that is), and when he reads my blog he generally belly laughs until he cries, so I think it's worth taking a few minutes to share something he created. His laughter often fuels me to write, because he and I spend a lot of time butting heads and knowing that he gets joy out of my writing truly warms my heart. There's no denying that he and I both have the same goofy sense of humor.

Peace out, y'all...I'm off to nurse my thumb, and possibly to complain a whole lot to whomever will listen about how much it hurts.


  1. When I started reading this...I thought it was a true story. I'm not kidding...

  2. He totally has a knack for writing, my dear...just like his mamma. Super cute. BTW, in love, my hubby said I was not allowed to use the word, "Fo shizzle" anymore for "for sure." In the same token of love & affection, I am wondering if you are still allowed to say "Peace out"? :) he he he... Love you bunches, my friend...

  3. I love the part about getting to keep the gun and using it for emergencies. Like, you know, in case a rabid elephant gets into his bedroom.

  4. Kimmie - thank goodness, it was not a true story! Just a writing assignment that I found particularly charming.

    Nicole - um...let's see. My theory is, since I wasn't alive during the whole hippie thing during which the phrase "peace out" was coined, I don't think I should be banned from using it. I'm just now really starting to have fun saying it. Also, I think Ryan should let you say "fo shizzle" at least one more time, so that I can hear it. I'm giggling right now just thinking about those words coming from you. : )

    Sidny - thanks for your comment! I'm sorry I don't know you in person...but I'm so glad you're reading my blog. Yes, that child has a very vivid imagination, and he would be thrilled to death to have to pull his "emergency only" tranquilizer gun on a rabid elephant that wandered into his room. Because that would totally happen. :D

  5. Carri - I was looking for blogs to read, and a friend recommended yours. I assume you know her in person - Jennifer Hall. She's pretty rad, and I take her advice whenever given, because she's generally right.

  6. Sidny- well, I'll be...I definitely know Jennifer. I've known her since about 1996, and we were roommates for a good while, and all sorts of stuff. I'll have to thank her for recommending my blog! I checked yours out as well, and I have to say that you have remarkable grammar as well as a great talent for writing. : )

  7. Haahaha. Best line: "The tigar attacked a couple of kids but mainly stayed calm."


  8. My kids also love reading my blog and it's a great thing to share with them.
    I'm Sarah and you made a nice comment on my Scary Mommy comment. Thank you!

    I love the story your son has written. Great imagination.

  9. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so funny!