Monday, April 5, 2010

Word of the day: bathtub

Bathtub: (n) something that is not the toilet.

I thought I'd go right ahead and shock all four of my readers by writing TWO blogs in the same week. Yep, it's wild and crazy, kids! Just hold on to your hat because this blog will not fail to be riveting and exciting! Well...not really. Probably not at all, actually.

I am just so flipping proud of myself that I made it through this week's accounting homework without sobbing, help from my husband, or copious amounts of alcohol that I had to write about it. Never mind that there is a little button on my homework program that will tell me when my answers are right or wrong. I still figured it all out, and it made sense, and doggone it - I actually like accounting! So that is my exciting news about on to the real highlight of my evening.

Earlier, when I was cleaning poop out of the bathtub courtesy of my almost four-year-old who is entirely too old to be pooping in the bathtub, I was thinking about how I would much rather be watching 24 than cleaning that mess. As I scrubbed around my darling child who was standing in the bathtub, he reached out and lovingly patted my cheeks, saying, "Thank you, mama." This was very kind of him and almost made up for the pure nastiness of the situation until my sense of smell really kicked in, and I realized that this sweet child had obviously picked up the filth I was cleaning prior to my entering the bathroom. Translation? He patted my cheeks with poopy hands.

After I finished convulsively scouring my own face with scalding water and soap, and after the aforementioned child and bathtub were sparkling clean, and after all four of the children in this house were quietly tucked into bed and 24 was over and my nerves were somewhat more settled, I dashed my way through the rest of the accounting homework and earned my 100%. I am now going to go eat a bunch of cake and ice cream and maybe even drink a beer because, well, it's what I need to soften the sting of tonight's bath time.



  1. Hahahah. How do you not have a reality show???? KEEP WRITING!!! I LOVE IT!!! XOXOXOXO

    - Your Biggest Fan

  2. Caroline, you are too funny and very sweet... :)