Thursday, February 25, 2010

Word of the day: tag

Tag: (v) something that randomly happens on Facebook, letting you know that you are important enough to be considered to receive something, or do something, or be poked with something, or that you are in a photo with the person doing the tagging...and there are certainly other definitions for this word but for my purposes today, the Facebook definition will suffice.

I got tagged. By Caroline. So Caroline, and whoever else is reading this, here are my seven random facts...I hope this isn't too painfully boring to anyone. Here goes:

When I was 15, I was kissed on the cheek by Peter Frampton at the hotel where I worked, because I made him a sandwich when the restaurant was closed.

I will shamelessly correct your grammar and/or spelling. Sometimes this does not go over well...and sometimes my own grammatical errors are joyously celebrated by folks whose grammar I have previously corrected.


 I adore fuzzy, colorful socks. My hubby calls them my Dr. Seuss socks.

I am currently in my fourth semester of college. I kind of understand why people generally don't wait to start college until after they have a husband, four kids, and a full-time job. 

I need for all of my clothes to face the same way in the closet. I couldn't tell you why this is...but God bless my husband, because that man makes sure all of my clothes face the same way in the closet.                                                                                        

 Chocolate. Just...chocolate. I don't really need to elaborate.

 I don't know if it's because I'm sort of on the short side, but I have a weakness for large vehicles. I love having to step up on the running board just to be able to get in my truck. 

That's all, folks.  


  1. Hahaha I love it! And what I love even more is that half your things are also things that describe me!! TOO FUNNY! Thank you for indulging me....